Today’s best university museums are much more than exhibits and gallery spaces.

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They are often learning hubs for not only students and faculty, they also act as a vital part of local and regional communities. 

The great majority of museums today seek to establish ongoing relevance and personal meaning. Relevance in museum terms means creating personal relationships between the museum and its visitors, as well as all potential museum resource users, whether on-site, off-site, or via the web and social media.

At MGMP, we always look toward the big picture. Our approach considers at all spaces, exhibits, programs and interactions as reinforcements of the museum or gallery's mission and identity, as well as those of the academic institution. Each space, inside and out, should be fundable, operable, and capable of generating revenue on an continuous basis.

MGMP has worked with 23 academic museums and
galleries across the US.


The Andy Warhol Museum, Carnegie Museums


Blanton Museum of Art, University of Texas at Austin


Galles Cultural Center
University of New Mexico, Albuquerque