Management + Administration



One of the insights MGMP has gained from performing strategic planning over the last 30 years is that all goals and objectives are interrelated.  Organizations are able to achieve these goals and objectives via a comprehensive work plan. Once the strategic plan and the implementation timeline are complete, the next step is to look at the staffing implications of the strategic plan.

The questions regarding staff planning are many.  What annual budget can the Museum or organization afford?  What programs will attract additional revenue, but also require additional staff?  What programs does the organization prioritize, thus requiring staff to implement the programming?  Are there components of commitments to local agencies that will require staffing to succeed?  Are there additional staff needed? Will the organizational chart need to be adjusted or slightly tweaked? Will some contract workers be needed? How will the museum deal with staff for the capital campaign, or the ramp-up period before opening the new galleries and other spaces?

Our work addresses all of these questions and more - MGMP can prepare a staffing plan to define the needed roles and talents to achieve an organization's strategic goals and objectives. MGMP will develop a staffing plan for a specific time period, and we will usually develop organization charts, staff hiring timelines, staff payroll budgets, staff job descriptions, and even employee handbooks.  We can also prepare staffing cost projections, based on comparable salary data and the organization’s benefits policy.



MGMP works with our clients to review, revise, and/or create new a broad range of policies. Throughout the life of an organization, policy development is an ongoing process. While start-up organizations need a full range of policies and governance statements, existing organizations also encounter a regular need to formalize habits into policies. Policy review and revision is usually needed whenever an organization goes through a period of growth.

Policies may cover a broad range of organizational functions, from a Document Retention and Destruction policy, to a Collections Growth Policy, an Education Policy, an Exhibitions Policy, a Rights and Reproductions Policy, an HR Policy, a Volunteer Policy and Handbook, Code of Ethics, Conflict of Interest Policy, Whistle Blower Policy, Investment Policy, Donor Recognition Policy, Gift Acceptance Policy, Membership Policy, PR Policy, Community Partnership Policy, etc.  MGMP has prepared all of these policies and more for our clients.


A variety of operating cost and revenue concepts frameworks can be developed. For example, MGMP often develops business plans which reconcile expense and revenue projections. However, MGMP can also prepare a simpler cost concept, such as an operating cost concept that focuses on capital costs, staffing, operational expenses, and other annual costs. 

Alternatively, MGMP often helps clients to examine opportunities for revenue, thus creating a revenue projections based on square footage available, ticket fees, visitation, etc.