Strategic plans create the foundation for every initiative an organization undertakes. MGMP’s strategic plans include goals and objectives, as well as a suggested timeline for implementation of these goals and objectives. Our long-term strategic planning typically looks at a period five or ten years in the future. Topics the strategic plan might examine typically include: 

  • Image and Identity
  • Audiences
  • Education Programs
  • Collections
  • Exhibits
  • Policies and Plans
  • Staffing
  • Financial Stability (Capital Improvements and Operational Sustainability)
  • Development
  • PR and Marketing
  • Site and Facilities

MGMP avoids pre-determined answers in our strategic planning. This approach allows us to evaluate each client’s unique situation and goals, thus creating a truly customized strategic plan focused on the client's specific needs. Additionally, MGMP’s work process prioritizes client team discussion and consensus-building, with the goals of client learning and team-building.



MGMP believes that an organization’s governance structure dramatically affects its abilities to succeed, especially on projects such as long-term planning and building programs. MGMP excels at offering clients the confidence to move forward when taking on a larger-scale project or  a major change. Because the organization’s governance affects its potential for success, our process of engaged discussion helps the client group to resolve contradictions and uncertainties, thus giving the museum’s leadership the ability to take advantage of opportunities and to face challenges in a clear, cohesive fashion.

Most of our clients are governed by a 501(c)(3) structure or foundation, while others may be governed by municipalities. Many of our clients have mixed governance structures, such as a combination of both municipal government oversight and a private, 501(c)(3) foundation. We begin our work by helping the group to understand the best approach for their own governance and funding success.  We regularly work with legal counsel to revise or update the bylaws.

MGMP often helps our clients to review and modify their governance structure, including the role of their Board of Directors or Trustees. At times an organization may wish to clarify the Board’s role; or funding pressures may demand a governance review. For instance, if a capital campaign is imminent, but the Board does not feel fundraising is part of their job, the client may wish to clarify the Board’s role. If the organization seeks a national presence, but all Board members are local, a Board review and restructuring may be helpful.

MGMP regularly develops Board Handbooks, revises Board policies, provides guidance on Board Committee structure, and will work with your Board to provide the most effective format to utilize their capabilities and talents.