Development + Fundraising


MGMP has participated in fundraising and development programs for the past 35 years.  We have put together cultivation plans, collaborated with campaign councils to develop capital campaign programs, and prepared graphic deliverables for campaigns that have included slideshows and PowerPoint presentations.

MGMP has also led fundraising trips with Board members and major donors to other comparable institutions to meet with Executive Directors and examine collections to give clients a sense of the kind of institution they are building.  We have led numerous meet-and-greet socials, often where slideshows are presented and the project is discussed at length.

MGMP often develops strategies that examine potential funding sources, and how a project's budget can be responsive to the potential donor commitments from these sources.  We also regularly outline and create donor recognition programs, from identifying specific museum spaces eligible for donor sponsorship, to working with donors, architects, and environmental designers to plan and implement signage programs.

Our wide-ranging work in dozens of locations, both within the U.S. and internationally, ensures that MGMP is aware of the cultural and regional differences in fundraising platforms, and the ways in which these differences effect non-profits of all types, sizes, and constituencies.  Whether a client's fundraising campaign is a closed, internal campaign, or open to the public, MGMP's vast experience in developing and managing these campaigns means that our staff can find a solution tailor-made to any institution's specific needs.