Why Choose MGMP?



MGMP employs a hands-on, personalized approach. Marcy Goodwin, President, is involved on a direct daily basis in every project MGMP undertakes. Marcy personally leads all work/meeting sessions and leads and coordinates the development of all reports and deliverables.


For every one of our clients, we will guide the museum’s leadership team through thoughtful consideration of the options available. In any organization, all decisions are interdependent; the successes or challenges of one department or program ultimately affect all others. By utilizing discussions, visual presentations, graphics, charts, and comparable institution studies, MGMP helps our clients to develop a unified approach to organization. All of MGMP’s work is devoted to the goal of clarifying the client’s most productive strategies and objectives, and encouraging all team members to share a vision for the future.


While MGMP uses a consistent approach in our project work sequence, we believe that every client, community, and project is unique. MGMP does not have a set of pre-determined answers. MGMP works with each client to determine the particular challenges, advantages and opportunities unique to the organization.


MGMP excels at constituency and stakeholder-related communication. Group discussion allows different perspectives to be considered and evaluated. By working hard to ensure that each team member’s voice is heard, MGMP works to ensure that everyone on the project team is invested in the success of the project, thus contributing to the client team’s understanding of the project’s goals and challenges. To this end, MGMP engages in interviews, staff discussions, regular team meetings and weekly phone conferences with our clients. Throughout every project MGMP develops detailed process statements and documentation, thus avoiding the frustrating revisitation of subjects previously discussed. MGMP’s process leads to cooperation, consensus and community buy-in by all of the client’s constituencies.

The combined encouragement of Board and staff participation and community feedback offers commitment and support from the museum’s team members. Whether the client is a city, a state, an independent non-profit, or a university, we begin our work by inviting selected constituencies to participate with their opinions and concerns in the planning and vision-setting process. Later in the process, participants can hear the final planning results presented, and community members then gain a greater understanding of their role in the long-term, large-scale planning.

Our participatory process has multiple styles.  At the outset of most projects, MGMP develops “homework” questionnaires that allow stakeholders to voice private opinions. Later, MGMP may hold individual interviews, lead group team planning sessions, and facilitate Town Hall forums.  MGMP often leads presentations to the larger community, including special groups of supporters and interest groups, including neighbors, docents, members, support groups, etc.